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Michael Fowler - noted speaker, author, photographer and lifeguard presents lively digital photography lectures that are colorful, informative and entertaining

For years, Professor Fowler has been delighting groups with his New Jersey Programs.  His extensive public speaking experience, interesting stories, and beautiful photos make presentations guaranteed to add excitement to your meetings.

Spike Fowler is Professor of Marketing and veteran ocean lifeguard in Monmouth County.  His TV appearances, magazine writeups, as well as his book and numerous journal publications on the New Jersey Pinelands and lifeguarding have been widely acclaimed.   He is a member of the New Jersey Pinelands Speakers Organization and a charter member of the Monmouth County Chapter of the United States Lifesaving Association.

His programs have been exceptionally well received because they are fast moving, colorful, educational, informational, and entertaining.  Unlike many presenters, his shows feature lively commentary with photos that move quickly.

Testimonials, Comments, Written Evaluations

"Great!  The speaker was enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Interesting.  Wonderful!  Good sense of humor.  Very knowledgeable.  Excellent photo presentation.  Outstanding!  Fantastic perspective.  Michael is always a most eloquent speaker on a subject - no one knows more than he - a thorough and polished presenter.  Excellent, enjoyable, much information and well presented.  Enlightening, entertaining.  Great slide show with a stand-up, dry, comedy act -  lots of fun!.  Excellent photographs.  What a great job - well done.  Fast paced - well organized.  Materials - information - fast pace - humor - professional.  Second time I've attended this lecture and its still refreshing.  Excellent - extremely entertaining.  I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation.  Mr. Fowler exhibited a thorough knowledge of this area.  Slides were outstanding and I enjoyed the fast moving pace, you were well organized and professional.  Our audience was very taken with you and after the program they remarked how great the program was and that you were very gracious answering their questions."


Michael Fowler
Wall, NJ  07719
(732) 681-6674

This site is created and maintained by Professor Michael "Spike" Fowler

Programs and Photos

The Pinelands Traveler: Ghost Towns, Bogs, and Legends

Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

Down the Shore

The Pinelands Magnificent Failure - Harrisville, New Jersey


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